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    As a broad overview, Malben Engineering produces metal pressings primarily for the automotive sector and offers a vertically integrated service starting with tool manufacturing, component production/assembly and surface finishing.

    The company is situated in the town of Nigel, approximately 45 kilometres south east of Johannesburg.

    Malben Engineering was established in 1974 by six partners with the purpose of producing tooling and pressed metal parts for its first major client namely FIAT. Today, Malben Engineering is solely owned by Mr Amerigo Smargiasso and supplies Ford MC SA at 1st tier level as well as six other 1st tier suppliers to the automotive industry.

    A philosophy of striving to offer products and services which satisfy the clients’ expectations at competitive prices has, over the years, become part of the company culture.

    Malben Engineering has made a firm commitment to maintaining a high level of quality of our products and satisfying the requirements of all our clients. As a result, our quality system has been geared to meet the requirements of our clients.

    Our past history has demonstrated our ability to deliver a high quality service at competitive prices.

    Malben Engineering has received the Top 20 Supplier of the Year Award from Ford on 5 occasions.

    Mission Statement

    Malben Engineering’s management and staff are committed to establish, maintain and continually improve our Quality and Environmental Management system, by establishing a framework for measuring objectives and targets for:

    • Productivity and efficiency
    • Prevention of pollution to the environment
    • Compliance to applicable legal and other requirements including customer specific requirements
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Employee skills development, health and safety
    • Supplier development
    • Reduction of internal and external failures
    • Optimization of natural resources
    • Minimization of waste
    • 100% on time delivery
    • Flexibility to adapt to changing needs of customers


    Malben Engineering has been awarded the prestigious Ford Q1 quality rating, as well as the following I.S.O. certifications as registered by DQS.

    • I.S.O. 9001 : 2000 – Certificate Registration No. 327 886 QM
    • T.S. 16949 : 2002 – Certificate Registration No. 327 886 TS2
    • I.S.O. 14001 : 2004 – Certificate Registration No. 327 886 UM



    Our company occupies 5500 square meters of under cover floor area and employs more than 170 people.
    At Malben Engineering we consider tool and die making as the central pillar of our business. We offer our clients quality tooling capable of producing high quality parts for the envisaged production life of the product at very competitive costs.

    Our tool room also carries out all maintenance and repair functions on tooling, thereby ensuring quick turn around time on breakdowns enabling us to meet our customer call-offs. Our tool room is equipped with conventional machining as well as 3 axis CAD/CAM surface machining and wire EDM.

    Our pre-production processing consists of guillotining facilities capable of cutting steel up to 6 mm thick.

    The press shop is equipped with 50 mechanical presses ranging from 40 ton to 500 ton and 10 hydraulic presses ranging 10 ton to 300 ton capacity.

    We also have pedestal and robotic projection welding and spot welding facilities, as well as robot MIG welding facilities with an external manipulator.

    Malben manufacures and supplies air receivers to the truck trailer brake market. In fact Malben is the market leader for air receivers in South Africa. We have two dedicated production lines which assemble and test each air receiver to twice the working pressure of 8,5 bar.

    We also perform deburring on post processed metal components in our vibratory deburring machines. Our metrology department is equipped with a Wentzel 3D measuring machine.


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